WCIND established the Waterway Development Program to help member counties fund the planning and implementation of projects that address issues associated with public waterways. The program provides financial assistance for county projects related to navigability, recreational boater access, boater safety, and the marine environment. Qualifying projects must meet the purpose of one or more Waterway Development Program project categories.


These projects benefit and/or enhance the public navigation of WCIND waterways.

  • Dredging of channels and inlets
  • Maintenance of spoil material disposal areas
  • Public navigation channel markers or other aids to navigation
  • Public navigation equipment such as vessels or weather stations
  • Removal of navigation hazards such as derelict vessels or marine debris

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These projects benefit and/or enhance access to WCIND waterways for recreational boaters.

  • Public boat ramps and launching facilities, docks, tie-up facilities, and mooring fields
  • Public piers providing access for recreational boaters or paddlers
  • Public canoe/kayak trails and launch facilities
  • Natural and/or spoil island restoration providing for boater access and recreation

Program funds may be used to pay direct costs incurred in connection with capital improvements resulting in boater recreation facilities, including the cost of acquisition, planning, development, construction, reconstruction, extension, post-construction, and related activities.

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These projects increase public awareness and knowledge of waterway-related environmental issues. They include exhibits, demonstrations or interpretive sites constructed and installed within an existing educational facility which provide a range of environmental educational and interpretive programs.

  • Signs, kiosks, wayside panels, or static/interactive/multimedia/virtual displays
  • Public trails or walkways that convey relevant educational information
  • Marine environment educational exhibits such as aquariums

Program funds may be used to pay direct costs incurred in connection with enhancing environmental education capabilities, including acquisition of audio-visual equipment, specialized scientific equipment, and instruction.

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These projects benefit and/or enhance law enforcement on WCIND waterways for better protection of the boating public’s health, safety and welfare, and the marine environment.

  • Marine law enforcement vessels
  • Marine law enforcement docks and lifts
  • Marine law enforcement patrol hours
  • Marine law enforcement fuel and oil supplies

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These projects benefit and enhance safety on WCIND waterways and increase the boating public’s awareness and knowledge of safe boating practices and waterway regulations.

  • Docks and lifts that enhance the capabilities of marine fire and rescue services
  • Docks and lifts that enhance the capabilities of boating safety and education instruction
  • Signage at public docks, boat ramps, and launch facilities
  • Boarding docks, wave attenuators, breakwaters, and seawalls
  • Boating safety and education equipment
  • Fire vessels and specialized safety equipment
  • Vessels for boating instruction such as sailboats, canoes, kayaks, rowing sculls, paddles, and other similar non-motorized vessels
  • Boating safety and education materials and instructional costs

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